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About Us

Awareness. Education. Adherence.

We strive to guide the path for our community towards better health and wellness.
At Eldahmy, we offer innovative independent pharmacy care services, preventive therapies, and high-quality wellness lines that include vitamins and supplements customized for individual needs. Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacy understands the struggles that come with getting the right, cost-effective medications that work with the least expenses and hassle. Therefore, we pay attention to your specific needs, and go above and beyond to make Eldahmy pharmacy the best pharmacy experience there is in your community.

Serving Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Care Givers, and Senior Citizens

Started in 2017, Eldahmy began its operation in San Diego. With just two years, it expanded to 3 locations across the county moving to different cities and soon to be nationwide. The key to our success lies in our consideration and loyalty towards our clients. No more long trips and extended waits by the pharmacy counter and no more extra money on expensive copays!

Our team personalizes patient care.

Why Choose Eldahmy

  • Retail pharmacy
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Compounding for dermal skin and hormone replacement therapy
  • Focuses on chronic care patients
  • Extremely detail-oriented to customer needs
  • FREE and faster delivery
  • Multiple languages


Career and Certificates

With the rapidly evolving scope of pharmacy practice, it is becoming widely essential that pharmacists progress with time. Our pharmacists relentlessly strive to explore the ways to handle the current challenges of the profession.


Laboratory and Team

San Diego's Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacy Team PhotoAt Eldahmy, we consider our laboratories of high standards and acquire highly qualified faculty. With our specialized team, we ensure precise results, routine, and testing, accepted by the doctors nationwide.

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