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Fall Allergies

Much like any other season, when fall arrives, it brings its own source of allergy with it. Fall allergies are caused by a group of allergens, which are especially active during this season. These irritants include ragweed pollen, mold, and dust mites. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the allergens involved in fall allergy.


Like tree pollen and grass pollen trouble those sensitive to it in spring and summer respectively, ragweed pollen troubles its sensitive subjects during the fall months of September, October, and November. If you are susceptible to spring pollen, then chances are that you would also develop allergic symptoms with ragweed pollen particles. These particles are mostly prevalent until the temperature starts to go down around winter. The yellow-colored weed plant is commonly found in the east coast and mid-west of America, but its pollen can be blown across hundreds of miles by the wind.


It is a fungal growth which takes place in moist and warm conditions. These conditions can exist indoors as well as outdoors. Mold can emerge in moist spots in the house like kitchen and bathroom or in outdoor spots like on a pile of damp leaves. It is a good practice to keep possible growth spots in the house dry and to avoid coming in contact with wet surfaces while outdoors. Like pollen, it can also travel via air to unsuspected places. Mold suspends activity when winter arrives and resumes activity when the temperature is suitably warm. This is contrary to how pollen virtually vanishes during winters.

Dust mites

Dust mites are the tiny particles you see floating in the air when a ray of light pours into a dark room. These particles are ever-present and grow exponentially in humid conditions. Furnace, air purifier, heater, and other warm places in a house are hotspots for dust mites. To control the movement of this irritant around the house, you should keep the aforementioned hotspots clean and dry as much as possible. This is a virtually unavoidable cause for fall allergy, but with diligent action, its impact can be minimized.

When subjected to these allergens, you might develop the symptoms of fall allergy. The symptoms include nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, etc. These symptoms can appear similar to those of cold/flu, but there are some certain indicators that help us make the distinction. These indicators are listed below.

Symptom duration

While cold/flu symptoms are normally resolved within a couple of weeks, an allergy usually stays for longer than two weeks.


Body temperature can rise in rare instances of cold and in all instances of flu, but fever is not a typical symptom of an allergy.


For cold/flu, the consistency of mucus is thick and the color is yellow. In the case of allergy, the mucus is of thin consistency and almost transparent (has no distinct color).

Sneezing pattern

Cold and flu involve comparatively weak sneezes interspersed between considerable breaks. However, when it comes to fall allergy, the sneezes are stronger and constant with little respite.

Itchy eyes

Eyes do not get itchy in cases of cold/flu, but the opposite is true when allergy is concerned. Itchy, watery eyes are common during allergy.

As the maxim goes “prevention is always better than cure”, it is best to minimize your chances of coming into contact with allergens than to cure the allergic symptoms. Here’s what you can do to significantly reduce the risk of getting fall allergy.

Curb Going Out On High Pollen Count Days

Check for the pollen count in your area’s weather report and curb going out often on high pollen count days. The pollen count is especially high between mid-morning and afternoon — try to stay inside during this part of the day if possible. If you must go out, wear a painter’s mask to filter out the irritant.

Follow Indoor Precautions

Keep the windows and doors closed to prevent allergens getting inside with the wind. Before turning on the heating system for the first time in a while, clean the vents thoroughly. While wearing a mask, vacuum-clean carpets, mats, and sofas on a regular basis to avoid allergen accumulation. Wash your clothes, towels, and curtains regularly. Dry them indoors, so that they do not bring any pollen from outside. To avoid mold buildup, keep the room humidity between 35-50% by using a dehumidifier. Clean the kitchen and bathroom with vinegar or any anti-mold alternative, on a scheduled basis, to stop mold formation.

Follow Precautions With Pets

Your pets could be carrying allergens when they return after being outside for a while — keep them clean. Try keeping your pets off the furniture and out of your bedroom, so that they do not spread allergens in those places. Place your pet’s bed away from the air vent to avert irritant particles from possibly getting in.

Keep Your House’s Surroundings In Check

Do not let leaves gather into a heap near your house — wear a mask and remove all the leaves from your yard and around your house. Deposit compost waste away from the house and empty the trash bin promptly. Do not let leaves clog your gutter and the drain near you — clear them as well if you have to. These activities bring down the number of sites where mold could develop.

If you still develop allergy symptoms, you might need over-the-counter options such as pills or nasal drops containing antihistamine. In some cases, prescription drugs might be needed to treat the symptoms. Based on your symptoms and duration of symptoms, the doctor would suggest your medication.

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